Non-verbal Language of Nudity

Communication is the most important tool for a group of species. There are many forms of communication with the most popular ones being verbal, written, non-verbal, sign, and with our technological world we have emojis to express our otherwise muted emotions and other visual cues. I’ve wondered how often one, but very important, form of communication is overlooked by its importance, and how an entire conversation can happen over non-verbal cues.

Common Non-Verbal Cues

When communicating with someone face-to-face, or at least in close proximity to see their expressions and actions, you can generally understand how their mood is, what their current interests are, and general temperament. Someone who is happy or content will often have a smile, smirk, or a raised eyebrow look signaling they are not harboring any contention. Alternatively, someone who is angry or upset may have a scowl on their face, exhibit aggressive actions, or you can tell by the color of their skin and other actions (like sighing or slamming doors).

Have you ever been in a group conversation or in a room with a lot of people, and then you look over at someone close to you to give them “the …

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