Naturist Privacy-Web Browsers

How many of you have bet given a second thought about what you use to surf the inter webs? Windows computers come with Microsoft Edge, unless you are using an outdated version of Windows, then you may have Internet Explorer. Apple computers come with Safari, and Google/Android/Chromebook come with Chrome. Regardless of which company you go with, using the stock web browser is a no-no. Here are a couple of browsers that I use, and they are all Mozilla/Firefix based.

Mozilla’s Firefox

Firefox is my primary browser for all things inter webs, but I don’t just download it and start using it. After some research, I decided to make some changes to the custom settings within Firefox to limit data being collected about me and my surfing habits. I won’t go into that with this post, but I will do another write up soon that details how I customize it for my particular needs. However, for you, if you’re using any other browser other than Firefox, then please look into making the switch over. It’s another small step that will help you take back your privacy. Here …

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