Naturist Privacy-Secure Messaging

I wrote blog post recently titled Time For A Security Checkup, and much to my surprise I received a lot of good feedback and comments. Keeping safe in our online world seems to have hit a nerve of interest among many readers. A number of you have expressed how hard it is to try and maintain some form of privacy and anonyminity while always being tracked by some form of technology. It is no secret that websites track you while you are visiting. Even my website uses a small cookie while you are here, but it is limited to session only. However, many websites and companies install persistant cookies on your computer/device so they can track you across many different websites, and then your surfing history is sold or shared to other companies or advertisers. If you live in the United States it is legal for internet service providers to sell your browsing history to advertisers, which in turn build massive profiles and dossiers on you! If we actually knew what Google or Facebook truly knew about us it would make you sick. How many times have you made a search for clothing or household items, and then discovered …

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