Naturism with a Disability

When we were recently talking about Naked Wanderings and all the places we have visited over the years, we were approached by a woman with a physical disability. She could still walk, albeit not very far and on not too rough terrain. Her wheelchair took her to most places but also required at least a bit of a flat underground. The gravel roads of the naturist resort where we were staying at the moment were not particularly ideal for her movements.

She asked whether we had any tips for traveling to naturist places with physical disabilities. Being gifted with still a young and vivid body, this is not a topic that we think about much. We’ve met others, often elderly naturists, who told us that they could not visit the nude beaches that we enjoyed because the road to get there was too long or too steep (or often both). But at naturist resorts in general, we always figured that they were pretty accessible for everyone. Especially given the ramps at the restaurant and the shower blocks and the special toilets for the less mobile. Many places even have adjusted rental units for people with a disability.

How they …

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