Naturism as a Way of Living

Whenever we tell people that we’re bloggers and they ask what exactly we blog about, we answer something like “naturism, you know, naked people”. It’s the easiest way to describe it. Everyone knows immediately what we’re talking about. There’s no confusion with naturalism or biology. We’re not considered bird watchers or tree talkers. We are the naked people.

Although it’s a great way to point out who we’re talking about, it’s definitely not a good description of who we are. In fact, we believe that it’s this specific description, “the naked people”, that’s the main reason why people are so reluctant to give naturism a try.

Why Michael Jordan should have been a naturist
Nudity is definitely a significant part of naturism and it’s hard to not see it as a defining factor. Naturists are nude, at least from time to time. Someone who prefers to wear clothes every single moment of the day can hardly be called a naturist. But it’s only a small part of what naturism is really about. It’s like calling a basketball player “someone who throws a ball into a ring”. Obviously, …

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