FKK in Corsica: A Naturist Paradise on a French Island

Corsica is an island of contradictions. It’s a part of France, but it’s closer to Italy. Signs are often in both languages and also the cuisine is some sort of mix. The high mountain range and the many natural parks make Corsica an excellent destination for nature and adventure lovers. The surrounding coastline with endless white beaches then again makes the island very attractive for beach lovers.

The people in Corsica are known for their grumpiness, but also for being welcome and inviting to strangers. The island has a strong religious culture but also has one of the largest nude beaches in Europe. We knew none of this before we set foot on Corsica. We fell from one surprise into another and wished that someone had told us all this long time ago (especially about the huge nude beach).

If you like to explore everything for yourself as well, please stop reading now. Because we’re going to tell you all about the amazing naturist options on this wonderful French (or was it Italian?) island.

Naturism in east Corsica
That one huge nude beach we talked about in the introduction, can be found on the eastern side of …

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