Clothing not optional: Summer in Bisbee.

We have just spent over two months living back in the textile world, staying in a tiny RV park in Bisbee, Arizona. That’s equivalent to seven years in nudist time.
As we’ve traveled around the past five years, we’ve lived most of each year in in clothing-optional RV parks. This has allowed us to identify four stages we endure when we have to go textile:
Denial – Those first couple of weeks of textile living are dangerous ones in which we could easily forget where we are and step outside either naked, or lightly dressed. Too lightly dressed for the nearby Baptist church group camp out.

Acceptance — After a couple of weeks we realize that this is our fate now. We wake up and robotically put on clothes for the day.
Brainwashed — A month in and living nude is a distant memory. We have become one with the masses as we walk the dog, explore our surroundings and enjoy evening sunset happy hours, pleased to satiate society’s desire to cover our shameful bodies.
Rebellion — Screw society. We might have to shut all the blinds in our motorhome, but after two months I’m going to walk around …

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