Weaver Canyon

We haven’t explored the area down the road that goes to the sleepy little border town of Sasabe. We are driving out to Three points, Arizona to head south on it, State Road 286. We don’t know what we will find, but then we like that.
I have done some preliminary scouting on the internet. I have some vague directions and have looked through some maps and satellite images.
It is wide open spaces before us and very little human population. We know that there is a border patrol checkpoint and so we are keeping coverings near. We see a typical desert sight in the foreground , scrubby tortured mesquite with a sparse carpet of low plant life and grasses. The background is a view up at the telescopes of Kitt Peak and the natural landmark, the sacred mountain of Baboquivari.  We hope to find our way up to the later.

A road sign welcomes us into the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Preserve.
Just after a turnoff for a dude ranch, we are slowed at the Border Patrol road block. As we approach, the signs demand that our speed diminishes, fifty-five miles per hour, 35, 25. There is no stop when heading south.
After this minor inconvenience, we are feeling free on the open road. The traffic is even lighter than usual as everyone is in self-imposed isolation for the pandemic. This entire day, we will see only two civilian vehicles and numerous border patrol rigs.
We pull into a parking lot where there is a kiosk with information about the wildlife preserve. I situate the SUV to help block the view of any passing motorist on the highway.  I’m reasonably comfortable to get out and wander, expecting to browse the information without interruption.

They have re-introduced a quail …

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