How to Have a Safe Naturist Road Trip during COVID-19

Meanwhile, we’re almost two weeks far in our Big Nude French Road Trip. The main reason why we decided to go on this naturist camping tour was of course COVID-19. We wanted the flexibility of traveling with our own transportation. Not having to rely on trains or planes, which can get canceled any minute. Camping also seemed like the safest option. We would be able to bring our own gear, sleep in our own tent, and naturist camping spots, in general, tend to be spacious, making social distancing little to no issue.

On the other hand came our curiosity. As naturist travel bloggers, we wanted to know how travel is during these strange times. We wanted to learn how resorts manage to stay put when they have to implement a range of health measures. And we wanted to know who else would be on the road. Who else would be traveling now and how they are handling the situation.

One thing that’s sure, is that traveling during COVID-19 times should not be taken lightly. There is the obvious health risk, but also the risk that new quarantines and lockdowns might be put in place. From what we learned …

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