Review: Domaine de la Gagère in Burgundy, France

The shock of moving back from Mexico to Belgium was also temperature-wise. Every time we return to our home country to spend some quality time with friends and family, we’re surprised about how cold it can get. Especially now, in mid-summer. Luckily, we had something to look forward to. Soon we would move on to France, the country that had thrown three heatwaves our way last summer.

That didn’t work out exactly as we had imagined. The stream of cold air and rain that had forced us to keep our clothes on in Belgium, followed our tracks as we crossed the border into France. We shouldn’t exaggerate, during the three days that we spent at naturist camping Domaine de la Gagère, we did have one day of excellent summer weather. The kind that’s typical in this region for most of the summer. Excited by this sudden change, we spent most of the day baking in the warm sun, drinking more wine than is healthy (even in France).

After watching the sunset over the hills, we realized that we had better spent this day taking pictures. But we had not. So before you continue reading this …

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