Our Big Nude “Tour de France”

Normally, whenever a very exciting part of our trip is coming up, we like to make a big thing out of it. That’s how we introduced our big trip to the USA, meanwhile more than two years ago. And also the grand European part of our journey last year. Today, we’re at the start of (what we definitely believe) is going to be again a marvelous chapter of our Naked Wanderings journey. Something we would normally have told you about months ago. But it’s quite likely that this will be the first time that you hear about our Nude Tour de France.

Wandering (somewhat) naked around the world
To many of you, it may seem like we’re just aimlessly wandering around the world. At the very beginning of this journey, that was definitely true. We had no idea what we were doing. We just moved from one country to another, trying to find some naturist gems along the way. You can’t really blame us, we are from Western Europe. We are used that there’s a spot to get naked around every corner.

Until we ended up in Asia. A continent of which we had …

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