Our Best Tips for Aspiring Naturist Bloggers

The other day we got involved in a somewhat awkward blog-discussion. It started when we stumbled upon this blog post on Naturist Place, which was a response to a blog post on Sensual Nudist about what happened to the nudist bloggers. Alexis, the Sensual Nudist, was asking why there are so few naturist bloggers in this world where blogging has become much more popular than writing a diary. People blog about everything these days, yet Alexis found it hard to find decent nude bloggers.

Honestly, we had never heard about Sensual Nudist before. And when we had a peek at her blog, we had a lot of doubts. There were galleries full of uncredited images, mostly of young women. Lots of the blog posts were copies and excerpts from other blogs and the handful of original posts that she had written were about penis sizes and what vaginas look like. Interestingly, there was also an overview of other naturist bloggers, which all happened to be women. If being female is a criterion to be called a nudist blogger, then yes, there aren’t all that many.

Then the discussion started
We were quick to write that blog off as yet …

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