Happy Five Year Birthday!

Yup, it’s been five years since that first post of The Free Range Naturist. When I started this, I figured that I would have about one hundred stories, old and new. I thought that maybe I’d give it a day a week for two years. I have been surprised!
Along with evolution in my writing and our photography, DF and I have been to so many new and different places freely naked. It is now something to look back on, seeing a piece of life well spent and well documented. We have had fun and life continues!

We’re still planning more fun; the bucket list never dries up. We have had so much going on this year that I have had trouble keeping up with the publishing of it all. I have already secured a weekly post to cover well into next year, but much of it is rough drafts, piles of pictures, and very little of it refined and marked “READY. “
This month, I was supposed to get caught up and ahead of the game during a retreat in the alpine region in the White Mountains, Arizona. It ended up that a huge piece of my time was spent in the wilderness with what I’m pretty sure was me alone, bundled in bed with Covid 19. I’ll be more sure of that diagnosis later.
Plans just sometimes fall away to surprises. I might add that the illness in an isolated wilderness, didn’t allow me to go to town to press the “PUBLISH” button on someone’s WIFI for a couple of weeks in a row. That’s what happened to the two stories that I had ready, but better late than never.
So, I’ve started several articles and we have been around many …

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