The Freedom of Going Nude in Public Places

Naturists tend to be easy-going people. We love to spend our days without clothes, relaxed, enjoying life in the nude. But if there’s one thing we like to complain about, it’s that we’re always stuck to designated areas. Like a fenced-off resort or a very well hidden nude beach that takes forever to get to, on an often dangerous journey via steep paths. Even in your own garden, which you’ve paid a significant amount of money for, you can only be nude when you don’t risk shocking the neighbors.

As if we’re little children. This is your playground and you stay there. Don’t you dare to go playing somewhere else! Those who do cross the line and get naked in places where they’re not supposed to (including their own garden, which happens to have a couple of windows pointing at) are reported as exhibitionists. Well, some of them definitely are. But there are so many others, genuine naturists and nudists, who love to explore nature in their most natural way. What are their options?

The rise of nude hiking
Being naked in nature is one of the main joys of naturism. It’ …

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