Are you nude with a mask on your face?

Naked with a mask?
I have heard a lot about this. Is a nudist really naked with a mask on?

Short answer: Yes, even when you wear something.
If that is all you have time for then you can move on and be busy with what you consider more important stuff.
The long answer is, as usual, longer and more thought through. Yes, a nudist isn’t naked with a mask on, but here’s the but: everyone wears such a thing.

These days, if you do it right, a mask is like having a nose or eyes. You need it. For living. Because if you don’t use it, the chances of not living very long are quite big. The reason for that, you probably guessed it already, is our little friend COVID-19.
A virus that has such an impact on life as we know it is not something to make fun of. Nor is it something to ignore.
We’re nudists so we refuse to wear anything
Even a mask.
That is one of the stupidest things I have heard in the past decade. That is like saying “We’re nudists so we don’t take medicine when …

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