Among the Gold Miners

We’re up here in Northern Arizona around Prescott. We had been given directions to a piece of creek that is likely to have water. The proximity seems familiar. We have a back-up plan, if the situation warrants a change.

The story begins, with:

Visiting Friends:
Last night, we fell asleep in a tent with a mesh ceiling watching the blanket of stars above. There had been smoke in the west and a thunder storm to the east. We remained untouched between these, in our open roofed nest.
The day before, we had attended a nude event of the Northern Arizona Naturists, a non-landed club. The event was hosted at Ken and Amie’s house on a hill in Dewey.
With the amenities of a karaoke machine, croquette on thick green grass (such grass is considered a luxury in Arizona), barbecue and jaccuzzi, we and the group were well entertained.

I was recovering from severe dental work, so our planned hike was set aside that day. Afterwards, we fell asleep on lounger chairs, until our hosts woke us.

We left the tent that we had set up earlier on that wonderful fluffy grass for later, dressed and went to Mexican diner, just down the road.
That night, we lounged with our friends in their living room watching a romantic-comedy.
This morning, we are enjoying the unique system of stealthy trails through the thick neck-high scrub on the side of their hill. See the write-up here:
Need a Nude Trail? Make One
Along the way, we stop at each meditation spot, which honor several religions.

It is fun to be freely undetected nude in plain sight of dozens of properties below. Today, the usually calm environment is disturbed by the sound of a Sunday morning backhoe at work. It is like …

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