A Naturist Family # 23 – Visiting

A series of films hoping to educate viewers on the true nature of naturism and the spirit of social nudity and encourage some viewers to give it a try for themselves. These films attempt to show the natural, matter-of -fact approach to nudity that naturists understand. They are in no way meant to titillate the viewer but instead encourage the viewer to reconsider the attitudes towards nudity shown by much of the world media.
We use www.anaturistworld.com to house our blog posts and videos. If you are a genuine naturist or wish to find out more about naturism or are looking for a naturist beach, vacation, business or venue it is a great website to visit. It welcomes all those that understand that naturism is non-sexual, universal and respectful.
These videos are age restricted because we wish to follow the you-tube rules and guidelines. We believe that naturism in itself is not an experience that is worthy of being rated as "Mature" and it is how people behave when naked ( or dressed) that should warrant such viewing restrictions. However, we are guests on you-tube and we follow their policies just as all guests should do.

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