9 Common Myths about Naturism that are WRONG

For a very long time, naturism was not something people talked about. It was a dark part of society, a secret club, of which many had heard about but few really knew what was really going on behind those high fences of the naturist club. These kinds of places are an excellent food for rumors. It’s human behavior, if we don’t know the very truth about something, our imagination starts playing tricks on us. Add to that the secret ingredient of nudity and the imaginary stories become much more interesting than the truth.

This taboo and the myths linked to it are partly caused by the naturists themselves. Just by acting so secretly about our lifestyle, we give others all the reasons to think that we’re doing something wrong. Something shameful. Something we’re definitely not proud of. Quite ironic, in a way. Because in the world we live in today, the respect, equality, peacefulness, and serenity within naturism are actually things we should be very proud of.

One of the reasons why we started Naked Wanderings, was to show the world what naturism is really about. To break down the fences and open the curtains. Yes, …

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