Unnamed Valley

Bug Springs Trail in the Catalina Mountains of Arizona looked to have some good potential for nude hiking. It has a corridor of lush mountain vegetation and my investigation using google maps showed it to be a pretty significant stretch. It is less well traveled, perhaps because it is either uphill all the way, or at the other end, a trailhead rises steep, before slowly dropping over a couple of miles.
It looks best to use two cars, one at each end. Looking further on the HikeArizona website, I got the elevation and grade. I also saw that it has a great deal of popularity as a bike trail on internet, which could be a downside.

The elevation will make it a good cooler temperature today. We’ll find out.

We arrive at the upper trailhead, a small parking lot with four or five cars parked in it. There is room for just a couple more, one spot is a handicapped spot, which is never used, of course. State law compliance, I figure.

As we make ready, right next to us, a white truck stops. It is followed by a cop in a bad mood. The lecture is heated, as the cop writes his forms and we escape civilization, as we walk up the beginning of the trail.
The trail is well maintained. Most of the way up the long steep slope, railroad ties and rocks create an occasional stair-step construction.

About three quarters of the way to the top, I spot an obviously experienced hiker looking exhausted, his head is leaning on his walking sticks. The older man has official looking patches on his sleeve and a rake strapped onto his pack.
Still, leaning as I approach, and stop, he looks and sounds very much like an …

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