This one’s for the ladies. Do you miss your bra?

What? Bras? What’s this about?

Yes. Bras. You know about them, right? Breast bags.
Long time ago, in a podcast of the Naturist Living Show, I heard about a study by a French man on the goods and bads of bras. Not so long ago I heard another podcast, this time from Stuff you should know, called “How bras work“.
They referenced the same study, which means there isn’t much study done on bras. As I listened, I wondered about something:
Do naturist woman miss their bra when they’re “doing naturism”?

Lady ‘doing naturism’
Cultural heritage
In our ‘modern’ Western culture it’s normal for people to wear clothes. For women it’s also ‘normal’ to wear a bra. The effectiveness and need of such an item of clothing has never been fully explained, as far as I know, but I’m not the bra-wearing gender. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Now to the reason why I ask this question: ladies of naturism are, as the picture up there shows, bra-less. I really wonder if they feel any discomfort regarding their breasts while being in that totally naked state. After all, they ‘cage’ the bosom in …

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