San Pedro: Journey to a Sacred Space

Weather has been changing by the day, and so has gone our vacation schedule. We have had our time dwindled to three days and one of those is still iffy. Our location changed from four days at the Eden Hot Springs, which was killed by Covid19. Our “Plan B” was look at some mountain watershed, mid to lower elevations. This has changed several times. Now we are heading for a tour with several hikes associated with  the San Pedro River Valley. Such as it sometimes goes, for spoiled warm weather naked people.
The first day is to explore the riparian riverbed of the San Pedro near Cascabel, Arizona. I have been scouring satellite photos of the area and anything on the internet about access into the river. There is supposedly a four and a half mile stretch that has flowing water, but I’m not yet sure just where that is.
We begin with a drive out on the sleepy two lane road to Cascabel.

Spring flowers are popping up everywhere.

Some places are covered in color.
To figure which one we are in, we begin by counting wash beds that intersect the main road to Cascabel. Things are very different from the ground, rather than a photo from space. They seem bigger, smaller, steeper, and there are many hidden objects like fences. You can’t see a lock on a gate from space. I have a great deal of speculation, but there has to be a way.

Just a Line of Tall Trees in the Desert

There is no general store, or information center, no kiosk. What we do find is an obscure road with a woman mowing grass and a man loading his van. We stop to ask.
He is friendly. He tells us that all …

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