On the road again with a panicky surprise.

As fulltime RV nomads we are supposed to pack up every so often and, well, be nomadic. For all we know, (which ain’t much) it might be a law. But the COVID-19 pandemic has kept us grounded longer than we’d like, especially since RV parks and clothing optional resorts closed their gates to newcomers during the shutdown.
That was alright with us because we were hunkered down at Shangri La Ranch and we could at least continue to walk around naked any time we wanted. But something happens in Arizona’s desert every summer — astonishingly, without fail — that causes us to flee. What is this thing that makes us willing to travel in a coronavirus-changed world? It’s called HEAT. Temperatures in June often reach 110 F or higher in that region. Even with both of the Toaster’s air conditioners running, our little home on wheels becomes a “Toaster oven” (HA!).

So we quickly packed up on Memorial Day weekend, one of the best party weekends at a U.S. nudist resort, to beat predicted 109 F temperatures coming later in the week. It was sad to leave in the middle of such a big weekend, but we are …

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