Musings About the Double Standard in Naturism

During our first years as naturists, we thought that we had a pretty solid idea of the scope of naturism. From our experience, naturism was generally practiced as a couple, most naturists are middle-aged or above (with the exception of a handful of naturist families) and naturists can be found on campgrounds, on beaches and in spas. It’s an idea that stuck with us for quite a long time. Until we started exploring what else the naturist world had to offer.

We soon found out that there was so much we didn’t have a clue about. Definitely in a practical way, when we found out about naturist events, hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, all-inclusive resorts, and cruises. But also about the naturists themselves. We learned about the terms “nudism” and “clothing optional”. We learned about home naturism, about the working of naturist federations, and about gender imbalance.

Men and women: Equals in naturism?
One quite shocking thing we learned was the existence of quota at naturist resorts. Suddenly, the fact that we’ve always been allowed to enter any naturist resort without many questions asked was not as natural as it originally seemed. Our belief that naturism was …

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