The Joy of Living Nude

If we had to describe our lives and what we do, we would call ourselves full-time nudist travelers. Or maybe something more poetic like naked wanderers, nude nomads, clothes-free vagabonds, or bare tramps. If you’d be planning to start a blog about nudist traveling too, those are already some great ideas for your blog’s name.

Anyway, that’s what we do. We live a nomadic lifestyle, constantly wandering from one nudist place to another. Well, more or less. What you don’t see on this blog is that from time to time we need to wear clothes as well. At the beginning of Naked Wanderings, we were often asked whether we had never gotten into trouble when traveling naked. Apparently, some people believed that we had burnt all our clothes and just engaged in this voyage in our Adam and Eve suits.

If that had been the case, we don’t think that we would have made it very far. Taxis would probably not allow us to get in. People on the train would act weird and there’s no way that we would get through airport security without clothes (ironically, since we’re always asked to take …

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