8 Naturist Resorts in a Spectacular Natural Environment

Naturism and nature have been going hand in hand since the beginning of our wonderful lifestyle (sorry about the word choice, Dan). Today, the naturist travel industry has expanded to nude bed and breakfasts in the city and all-inclusive clothing-optional resorts in the Caribbean. But still, the very large majority of naturist places around the world can be found in a natural environment. Away from noise and emissions and close to the relaxing effect of trees and animals.

Nature is the central element at many of the naturist resorts we visited, but some venues really stood out when it comes to spectacular nature. Waterfalls, canyons, pristine beaches, and high mountain ranges, they do exist at nude-friendly places as well. And we will tell you exactly where.

Deanza Springs Resort in California, USA
It’s easy to think about endless forests and huge lakes when we’re talking about splendid nature, but natural beauty comes in many different forms. Deserts for example. Tucked away in the southern California desert, we found Deanza Springs Resort. As soon as we settled down, it felt as if we had arrived in a western movie. Sand and dust around us, cactuses, and rocky hills. We …

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