Naturist Camping in Europe: 7 Things to Remember

Pretty much everyone who had planned a naturist vacation in Europe or is still hoping to plan one, is probably following the news carefully. Every country has meanwhile started its recovery plan, some are taking huge leaps while others keep going in baby steps. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are happily reporting that they will receive tourists this summer. But other questions remain: Which borders will open up? Will my government allow me to leave the country? Will there be quarantines when I return? Will there be flights? What if I get stuck somewhere?

Other than organizational worries, also the health factor will remain extremely important. The virus isn’t gone, we’ve only become much more aware of the potential risks. Places where lots of people come together, obviously are still to be taken with much care. It’s not a surprise that a recent survey about naturist vacations in 2020 showed that camping will gain in popularity this summer. Lots of naturists want to travel with their own transportation and stay in natural places where social distancing will not be much of a concern.

If you’re planning to go camping in Europe or considering changing your …

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