Will Naturism Grow During the Lockdowns?

There are lots of opinions about the where and when of the coronavirus lately. But nobody knows what’s really going to happen. Meanwhile, we’ve figured out that it is not something seasonal that the first warm April winds will blow away. More and more we realize that the virus is here to stay for quite some time to come. Can we live together with the virus? Preferably a life in which we can visit our friends and family, in which we can leave the house to go see a concert or a movie.

Can we have a life in which we can still travel to naturist places?And if we can’t, how will we practice naturism? Will the coronacrisis be the end of naturism? Will we all learn that it’s not so hard to wear clothes instead of nothing? Or will corona be the trigger that the naturist world was waiting for?

Some scientists predict that when the lockdowns are behind us, we will all get divorced or have babies. Is there a chance that we’ll all walk into this new reality without clothes instead?

Everybody nude at home
One of the predictions we hear …

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