The Naturist Talks: AJ from New Zealand

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that we try to enjoy as much as possible. In as many places as possible. Most of the time we share our own views on the different aspects of nudism but once in a while, we like to pass the mic to hear about how someone else’s experiences. Via this Naturist Talks interview series, we listen to naturists from all over the world. They share their experiences, tips and stories about naturism and thanks to them we keep learning about the different aspects of life in the nude.
Today we’re listening to AJ, a naturist from New Zealand.

Hello AJ, please tell us something about yourself
Hi, my name is AJ. I live in New Zealand on the North Island. I am a technician and travel a lot. I love going to the gym but unfortunately, with the immigration from South Africa to New Zealand, I have been out of it for a while. I love the outdoors, walking, biking and rugby. Basically, when I am in nature I am happy. I love being nude at clubs and at nude beaches. I think it is called social naturism. Sharing the love with like-minded …

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