Nude Online Meetups: The Next Step in Social Naturism?

The general opinion about naturism is that it’s something social. If you like to hang out in the nude while watching Netflix, you’re often considered “just a nude person”. Only when you frequent nude beaches or visit naturist clubs or resorts, spending time with other nudies, people start considering you a naturist.

Before we started Naked Wanderings, we didn’t have a clue about the existence of home naturism. Being nude at our home has been the case as long as we can remember, long before we got a taste of social nudity. But then we started to get in touch with naturists around the world and noticed that for many, social nudity just isn’t an option. Some of them have a partner who wants to have nothing to do with naked people. Others live in a country where public nudity is strictly forbidden. Some can’t afford the club membership fee or have reduced mobility or live too far away from any nude beach or resort.

This is all perfect when you don’t feel the need for social naturism, but what if you want to socialize with other naturists but just don’t get the …

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