Normalizing Nudity

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Note from Matthew: I’ve been a longtime fan of Fred’s web page, Au Natural. As well as being an advocate for nudism (and a self-proclaimed “nudie”), Fred is a great writer and an accomplished artist. His site is about much more than just nudism – go check it out!
The biggest problem in attempting to normalize nudity is the very secrecy nudists must engage in about their nudist activities.
It is a self-reinforcing cycle. You’re hiding because you fear getting in “trouble” if you are “outed.” At the very same time, hiding reinforces the notion that what you are doing is nefarious. Others will say, “If you really felt the way you say, you wouldn’t be so secretive about it.”
That is bullshit but it is how small-minded people think. It is also a rhetorical technique to get you on the defensive. You can’t win from the closet.
My solution was to not keep it a secret. I didn’t broadcast it at work but I didn’t work anywhere that would care if it got out. From …

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