Leaving our mark at Emerald Lake Naturist Resort.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has halted our nomadic adventures, we have to rely on reliving our travels through photos and rapidly-dimming memories. Fortunately, Facebook is determined to remind you of events that happened years ago, even if you’d like to forget them.
For example, we were just reminded of our first “bump in the road,” so to speak, with our motorhome. It happened five years ago at Emerald Lake Naturist Resort in Porter, Texas and apparently one of us posted about it on Facebook.
We were a month into our first full-time RV journey and the first leg of our Grand Tour of America’s nudist places. We’d spent the previous three weeks zigzagging across the vast state of Texas, dodging violent springtime weather, before stopping for ten days at Emerald Lake.

Actually, when we arrived, we didn’t so much stop as blow right by the easily-missed entrance gate. You aren’t very nimble when you’re driving a 34-foot motorhome and towing a car, so we had to continue a few blocks before finding a parking lot large enough for us to turn around.
Back at the gate, we were glad we had also disconnected the …

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