Great weather and lockdown, and still it’s good

I guess you all know it. The ‘why’ is COVID-19, Corona, pandemic, all those words and some more.

Here in the Netherlands, it feels like summer’s gone crazy. Well, spring at least. Temperatures that are just too good to be true (and they are!). Fabulous weather to visit nude beaches, nude parks, nude anything.
And we’re asked to stay home.
The strange thing about this is that I hope everyone does stay at home. Naturist or not, it’s not smart to go out and mingle while you can bring home a nasty surprise and slap that onto everyone in the house.
So how is this good, I hear you ask.
For one, we are inside this shitty situation and staying home is the only way to get out of it. It’s weird but true. If you have to go out, keep a distance of 1 alligator or so, that should be safe. And no, having to go to your favourite nude beach is not a need to go outside unless you’re the warden of the area and something untoward is going on there.
We’re in this together, nude and clothes, and only together we can …

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