Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Whenever we think of the Caribbean, that famous Beach Boys song “Kokomo” comes to mind. In the course of the song, they pass through all these idyllic islands like Bermuda and Bahama (come on pretty mama) all the way to Martinique (that Montserrat Mystique). One place their cruise ship apparently didn’t set sail to was Mexico’s Rivièra Maya. A long stretch of coastline that runs all the way from Cancun to the border of Belize.

If the Beach boys had written Kokomo today, we would be absolutely sure that at least Tulum, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel (you rhyme on caramel) would have gained a significant spot in the song. For several decades, the Rivièra Maya has become a Caribbean tourist hot spot. Emerald green waters, endless white beaches, an abundance of cocktails and all-inclusive resorts.

From the fact that we are telling you all this, you’ve probably rightfully concluded that there’s also something for the nude traveler. In fact, there is something for MOST nude travelers!

All-inclusive nudist style: Hidden Beach Resort
Personally, now and then we can enjoy the difficulties of traveling. Having to find out how to get from one place to …

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