Are Exhibitionism and Nudism the Same Thing? Not at All!

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Many people outside the nudist lifestyle consider a nudist and an exhibitionist to be very much the same thing. It is true that both are without clothes, but that is the only similarity between them.
In fact, there are many differences between nudists and exhibitionists. The most important distinction that helps differentiate them, though, is their intent. Unfortunately, the nudity component has led textiles to assume that nudism and exhibitionism are the same, giving nudism a very negative connotation. 
How Do We Define “Nudist”?
In its purest form, nudism is the preference to be “open and free” with oneself, and encounter the liberation and exhilaration that results from not wearing the cloaks that society, which can come across as very shallow at times, forces us to wear. 
It is about being: 
“Open” – allowing others to view your genuine true self and not shielding yourself with artificial facades that mask who you honestly and genuinely are. 
“Free” – because it feels like you are as free as a bird flying far above the horizon when you shed the shell of …

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