Will the Coronavirus Ruin Your Nude Vacation?

Being in Mexico at the moment and being beer enthusiasts, it’s tempting to make a Corona joke right now. But we won’t. It wouldn’t be funny. The coronavirus is spreading around the world at the speed of light and is destroying lives and businesses. A couple of days ago, the Thai naturist federation reported an 18% decrease in bookings at naturist resorts in Thailand. One day later, a friend of ours who runs a naturist camping in France, told us that their bookings are less than half of what they should be.

This also gets us thinking. We travel all the time and we have big plans for the spring and summer. Will it be smart to take so much public transport and visit so many different places? Wouldn’t it be better to hide somewhere until the whole thing goes away?

Corona epidemic vs corona scare
When we first thought about writing this blog post, not more than several days ago, the idea was to give you an overview of countries where you can have a nude vacation and where there aren’t any incidents of corona yet. Today, except for some Caribbean islands, such nude travel …

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