Why We Love Nudism and Why You Will Too

We like to say that our first steps into nudism happened by accident. It’s a story we’ve probably already told a million times. More than a decade ago, Lins got a coupon saying “Spa for two” for her birthday. We got to choose between maybe 50 different wellness centers (we have quite a lot of those in Belgium). While browsing their websites, we noticed that they all looked different. Some large, some small, some private, some public, some far away and some nearby. There was one factor that really divided them: All the really nice ones had a no bathing suit policy.

This was how we ended up at our first socially nude experience. Thanks to that coupon. If Melissa, Nathalie, and Carmen hadn’t given Lins that coupon, we may never have become nudists. Naked Wanderings may have never existed. We might still be in some office in Belgium.

Is that really true?Did such a small coincidence really change our lives?We doubt it. It’s a fun story to tell, but in the end, it was us who decided to go to that particular spa. And not to one of the smaller ones where we could …

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