Is it ok for nudists to sell their nude pictures?

You, our readers and followers, often tell us that we are living the perfect life. And honestly, we think so too. We’re not going to fake some kind of modesty here. We love our life. It’s the best life we could wish for. We love the many people we meet, the many places we visit, the traveling (well, after 16 hours on a crappy night bus we might tell you something different), the warm weather we keep chasing and the time we can spend without clothes. And we love taking funny pictures for Instagram and writing about all our experiences, ideas and visions. You’re absolutely right. We are living the perfect life.

When a blog becomes a business
One downside of the world we’re traveling through is that it’s not organized according to the Black Rock City principle, the temporary city in Nevada where the annual Burning Man festival takes place. In such an alternative world, we would be able to exchange our photos and stories for food, booze and a roof over our heads. Whereas today, we need euros, dollars and pesos to keep ourselves alive and on the road.

When we started Naked Wandering …

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