Do We Really Consider Nudity as Normal?

We are nudists. Or naturists if you will. Or just people who enjoy being nude outside of the bedroom and bathroom. Alone or in the presence of others. And this habit of ours has absolutely nothing to do with sex or some kind of fetish. We just enjoy being nude.

This is how we often describe our lifestyle to others who don’t know anything about it. We don’t really care about how they call us (unless it’s “creeps” or “pervs”) and we don’t really like to use one specific term for our clothing-less habits either. We’d like you to respect that. Because if there’s one thing on which our lifestyle is 100% reliant, it is respect. The reason why we can spend time nude in all comfort, around a bunch of other people, is because we know that nobody will make a remark on how we look.

This is very liberating. Feeling comfortable while being completely exposed. Finding strength in our vulnerabilities. Being able to see full nudity without sexual desire. That’s because we consider nudity as something normal. For us, a bit of fat is not different than a bit of muscle. A …

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