A nice break is coming up

Yes. A break. From work and the normal world
Next Friday I’m heading off for a 1 week vacation. One of the Canary Islands holds a special appeal to me, as some of you know.

It’s where my girlfriend lives, and I’m going to see her there for a whole week. The weather is so much nicer there. Naturist style nice.
It’s been a while since I’ve been away for a break so I (and she too) think I deserve it. And even if I don’t, I’m going for one!
A relationship is rough, being 4000 km apart most of the time.
Feel free to be jealous of me when you see this image. I don’t mind, hahaha! There is a risk that there’s no blog post next week – I’ll be away and my mind might not be with the blog – but I’ll be back. I am, however, not focussing on that ‘back’ part yet since I still have to leave!
One thing is already certain: we’ll have a lot of fun!

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