8 Naturist Resorts that are Perfect for First-Time Naturists

When you want to try naturism for the first time, the absolute most important thing to consider is where you’re going to do that. Picking the right place is everything. More than once we’ve heard someone say “Oh you’re a naturist? We have been to Cap d’Agde once and it didn’t seem like something for us“. After which they give us a look that speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly which will be the right place for you. A first-time naturist experience is very personal and whether you’ll love it or not depends a lot on your personality. Some people love to be thrown into the deep while others rather take baby steps. Some love to try new experiences and some prefer a helping hand along the way. But no matter who you are, one of the following resorts might be perfect for you.

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort in Ontario, Canada
Ever since we’ve visited Bare Oaks back in 2018, we’ve mentioned the resort several times on this blog. It’s one of the most interesting naturist resorts we’ve ever visited. Sometimes we praise them to heaven for …

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