2020 Zipolite #5: Anecdotes #1

Zipolite, Oaxca, Mexico

Zipolite is one of those things that get away. Mindless bliss, the functions of the moment leave past and future out of the context of reality. In other words, I had a great time there, but I probably wouldn’t remember much of it, if I didn’t write it down. Where we ate yesterday, is lost with which day yesterday actually was. One moment leads to the next. Goal orientations and accomplishments are reduced to the insignificance that they actually are.
I managed to write down anecdotes and impressions along the way. I made a point of it, knowing of the coming amnesia. I think that they reflect the mindset of the place, the magic and the relaxation.
No, this is not drug induced. I couldn’t imagine that complication, if the quality of the drugs is still as they were when I was in Oaxaca in the 1970’s. I do hear stories from hippies that find themselves staying there spontaneously for months. Who knows?

Where the 60’s Never End

I came to this place to reset my inner computer, shut ‘er down and reboot anew. I found it took only hours to notice the effects of irresponsibility, freedom and stripping of ego’s concepts.

For example….

Taking Bets on the Beach:
At a certain point there is the hotter point of the day, when the sand gets very hot. It sets the potential for true blistering. As people move from the wet sand down by the surf to the shelter of the hotels and restaurants on the beach, there is always a point where they break into a run to escape from something akin to hot coals. When that point happens is the bet. You can see it coming on in them, as they discover …

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