2020 Zipolite #3: Love Beach

Mid February 2020

This is one more excursion during our Stay in Zipolite in a short story.
Safebare, DF and I are out for a stroll over to Love Beach. We have about a mile of sand and surf stretched out before us. The beach is lined with various tourist oriented enterprises, which are fun to observe along the way. The variation is tremendous. The quaint thatch beach shack motif is continuing to be popular.

It is obvious that at any point, we can stop off and enjoy Mexican style sea food, or refreshment. We do.

Dueling Cameras

There’s a place under an umbrella with three chairs that seems to be waiting for us. Dressed only in relaxed toothy grins we are relishing the beach sand, as we dig our toes in under the table and watch the passersby as they interrupt the trance of the ocean’s dance. We talk, and everything is delicious.

It is an easy interruption during the easy hike to Love Beach.
Love Beach is over a hill on the east side of the expanse of the main beach. Most people don’t show up there. It seems to be perceived as secluded, but there is an easy to find concrete walkway, which has steps with round river rocks embedded in it.

This beach has an internet reputation as a mostly gay beach.  I’ve seen a few pictures. At the moment, that’s about all I know, as I first lay sight on it.
There are a couple of thatched shacks down there. They serve pop and some liquor drinks. One offers fresh oysters on the half shell. Apparently, they get them there in the rocks.

It is a cute beach cove and I’ve been told that there is no heavy undertow to …

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