The Zipolite Nudist Festival 2020: Our Experience

Ever since we fell in love with Zipolite in Mexico, we knew that this was a place to which we wanted to return. Especially since we also found out that this sleepy beach town does not only have a magnificent nude beach and several nudist resorts but is also home to Mexico’s popular nudist festival. Zipolite kept popping up whenever we asked ourselves the question “Where will we go next?”. The Zipolite Nudist Festival gained a very prominent place on our bucket list. It became one of those nudist events we just HAD to attend. And this year, the time had finally come.

Arriving in Zipolite (T-minus 7 days)
Honestly, we weren’t all too confident when the moment to return to Zipolite came closer. Of course, we had been looking forward to this day for a very long time. But on the other hand, the Zipolite we had fallen in love with was the one of 2 years ago. Meanwhile, this Mexican nude beach town has become increasingly popular, among both national and international nudists. Another aspect was that the last time we visited Zipolite, we were here in the shoulder season. The (figurative) heath of the high season was …

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