Why do naturists wear clothes?

We ran into an acquaintance on the street the other day and she said: “Oh my God, I almost didn’t recognize you guys with clothes on”. A line many of you might be familiar with. It’s probably the most popular joke among naturists. After hearing it a million times or more, we still smile and reply something cheesy like “Sssst. We’re incognito. We’re trying to avoid the paparazzi”.

Although the joke does get a bit old after a while, we started to think about it. Our bodies are unique. Nobody else has the same body as we do. But our clothes come from the store, where they have a whole rack with identical shirts, dresses and shoes. It’s definitely possible that one day you’ll run into someone who’s wearing the exact same clothes, top to bottom, as you do. Seen from that point of view, it actually makes sense if we joke that our clothes are our disguise.

Clothes as protection
This introduction is of course pretty hypothetical and since the most recognizable part of the body is still the face, putting on clothes to avoid paparazzi is probably not all that effective. …

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