Where to sleep, eat and drink in Zipolite

Meanwhile, we’ve visited the Mexican nudist destination Zipolite twice. Once back in 2018 at the end of the high season and again in 2020 for the famous Zipolite Nudist Festival. In total, we have spent more than two months in this little nude beach village, stayed at several of the hotels, had lunch and dinner at many of the town’s restaurants and had plenty of beers and cocktails in Zipolite’s beach bars.

For us, Zipolite is the kind of place that we would like to keep a secret. Our little piece of paradise. But on the other hand, we like it so much that we just want everyone to know about it and have an equally great time as ourselves. To make sure that also you get the best from Zipolite, we’ll give you an overview of where to stay and our favorite bars and restaurants.

Hotels in Zipolite
Given the small size of Zipolite, the town does have an abundance of accommodation options. Most of the hotels and guesthouses can be booked upfront via Booking.com or Airbnb, but several places stick to the old-school “walk-in”-system. Most of the time, you can just arrive in town …

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