Stop and think before you compliment a nudist!

Wow, you look amazing nude.
Your boyfriend better look out!
You’re a really beautiful young woman.
You’re just the kind of young person we love to see become a nudist!
All of these are compliments. They’re all positive, all saying something nice about the person they’re directed at.
And they’re the wrong thing to say.
Time and again, nudists express frustration with trying to convince others that social nudity is something they should try. The demographics that are the most coveted, too, are women and young people. More women are needed to help balance the gender ratio, which tips very far to the male side. And young people – wherever you set the bar, but it’s usually somewhere under middle age – are the future of the naturist movement, and essential to the health of any movement or club.

Compliments like these are absolutely guaranteed to drive women and young people away, or at least make their experience more negative than it should be.

But they’re nice things to say, right? Why would they cause problems?
Directing Attention at the Wrong Things
The first issue with these compliments is that they are a …

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