Signs you’re in clothing optional territory.

As we’ve visited clothing optional beaches and nudist resorts, we’ve encountered many signs that remind us that we can get naked. And I’m not talking about seeing a bunch of people without clothes, although that’s definitely a “sign.”
I’m talking about those visual cues that are unique to a naturist location, words and symbols that either make you feel at home (“Clothing optional beyond this point”) or disappoint you (“No nudity beyond this point.”)
Here’s a selection of the many signs we’ve seen over the years as naked nomads.

The nudist resort entrance.
You’ve arrived, woo hoo! Suddenly the stress of the road disappears — and quite possibly your clothes — as you impatiently wait for the gate to open.
Beyond the gate is a world humming with activity as people nap in the sun, lounge in the pool, laugh with friends (new and old), slurp down cool beverages, and in general act like they don’t give a shit about what’s happening in the outside world.
Arizona’s Shangri La Ranch. Our home away from home for so many seasons.

Big property stretches beyond the gate at Idaho’s Sun Meadow Resort.

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