22 Amazing cities to join a World Naked Bike Ride in 2020

The World Naked Bike Ride is interpreted differently by different nudists and naturists. For some, it’s the heyday of naturism, where naturists get the chance to come out of their fenced of zones and ride their bikes nude through the center of some of the world’s most fascinating cities. Others see the WNBR rather as the heyday for voyeurs, bringing out their tele lenses to take pictures of the nude people on bicycles. And others keep swearing by the original idea of the World Naked Bike Ride: A protest march which has nothing to do with naturism or nudism at all.

They are all right, in a way. But what we do know is that World Naked Bike Rides around the world yearly attract many thousands of participants. Who often tend to be a lot younger than those at the annual petanque tournament at the naturist club. A great example might be Hector Martinez. Thanks to participating at the World Naked Bike Ride he learned about the joys of social nudity. Something that would lead him to form his own nudist community, become president of the Mexican Nudist Federation and become the world’s most popular nudist YouTuber.

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