The Verde Hot Springs

Our destination is the ‘ol hot springs on the Verde River. The plan is to spend three days with a couple of side excursions into Fossil Creek’s sweet riparian area.
I am gambling, but thinking that odds are in my favor. After being extremely sick the week previous, I figure that I’m left with just a little recovery to deal with. The hot springs and subsequent skinny dipping in blue green waters in the mountains near here will be my healing.

I pick up DF at her seminar about 2:30 and we make our way straight to the highway. It will be a four hour carnude, before we get off of the interstate.
We spend an hour, just to get through the sprawling monster of Phoenix. There, the discovery of a shutdown of 10 lanes of freeway requires an urban detour. We stubbornly refuse covering up, even with the busy traffic, pedestrians and the stops at multiple intersections. Covering up, just in case, feels like a true bother. I watch the other people. After miles of suburban city, I don’t think that any of the thousands noticed us. Perhaps a homeless man looking down into the truck looking for spare change might have noticed the lack of pockets, discouraging him.
Our tank needs to be filled in Camp Verde when we escape the Interstate. After hours in desert and sprawl, there is contrast of fertile green things here. The Verde River flows through. The town pops out around it in the riparian forest.
I pull into the bustle of a gas/convenience store on this Sunday night. There are a half a dozen trucks with weekend revelers, which are wrapping up festivities and readying for work on Monday morning. Pickup trucks are filled with water toys, quads, …

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