The Nomadic Nudists do dental tourism in Mexico. (Or, why are refried beans dripping out of my mouth?)

Spoiler: Our tale of getting dental work done in Mexico has nothing to do with nudism. It does, however, involve drilling, drooling and some drinking. So, there’s that.
Why do dental work in Mexico?
Nothings screams “Fun!” like a trip to the dentist, right kids? Let’s all open wide and have a stranger poke their fingers, and Medieval-grade weaponry, into our mouths like a rabid dog trying to locate a buried bone.
My favorite part comes when I get to pay serious moola to have my mouth mangled. I mean, really, I look at a trip to the dentist as an investment. An investment in the dentist’s new houseboat.

But lately we haven’t had dental insurance, or serious moola, and have been neglecting our chompers. So this year we decided to get our dental work done in Mexico.
What’s in a name? Molar City!
People have been traveling to Mexico for dental work since time began. When I say “people” I mean Canadians and U.S. citizens. And when I say “time began” I mean “since being retired on a fixed income.”
Several of our Canadian and U.S. citizen friends who winter by us …

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